Raffaele Di Lillo

President, Agency Executive Officer 2 properties
Address: 9840, boul. du Golf, Anjou, Qc. H1J 2Y7

Company: Les Services Immobiliers MAGNA - R.D. Inc.
Office Number: (514) 353-6944
Office Address: 9840, boul. du Golf, Anjou, Qc. H1J 2Y7


Mr. Di Lillo is a graduate from McGill University. He began his career in the service industry, in 1979, as a personal trust officer for “The Royal Trust Company”. In 1981, he joined the founder of Alliance Immobilia Inc., an I.C. & I. Real Estate broker, and there, acquired his background in industrial and commercial property sales and rentals. Over a twelve-year period, Mr. Di Lillo held several positions, starting as a sales assistance and ending as the Vice President, Real Estate Brokerage Services. In 1993, he co-founded MAGNA as primarily a real estate brokerage company specializing in industrial, commerical and investment real estate transactions.