MAGNA is made up of professionals whose role is that of servicing its clients’ Real Estate needs.


Les services immobiliers MAGNA – R.D. Inc. is a real estate agency, founded in 1993. The firm specializes in industrial, commercial and investment real estate transactions. It operates with a dedicated “hands-on approach” and is guided by the desire for excellence and service to its clients. MAGNA’s brokers are recognized as specialists in their field and are often invited as participants to real estate planning committees and think tanks. The group enjoys an excellent working relationship with end users, real estate developers, Industrial Commissioner & Industrial Real Estate agencies, property management firms, and financial institutions.


MAGNA is a team of qualified professional associates, working in concert with a wide resource of support groups that enables it to respond efficiently to the needs of its clients. Starting from the design and planning stages to the construction side and finally, to the legal aspects, each associate is backed-up by its support group to assist in all facets of a transaction.
Team play is vital and is an inherent part of MAGNA’s success.

Head Office

9840, boulevard du Golf
Anjou, QC. Canada, H1J 2Y7

Contact Numbers

Tel: (514) 353-6944
Fax: (514) 353-6570

E-mail Address



We maintain good relations

We maintain good relations with owners/landlords, tenants, developers, and financial institutions. We are on the current property mailing lists of the major developers and financial institutions in the Montreal area.

Experience and Knowledge

Our experience and knowledge of the commercial and industrial real estate markets and our expertise in the formation and negotiation of offers enables us to bring transactions to their closing in an efficient and professional manner.

Good Relations with the real estate brokerage community

MAGNA maintains very good relations with the real estate brokerage community. N’s good business sense. We work together with our colleagues to promote and close real estate transactions. In fact, we are on regular mailing lists of several Industrial Commissioner & Industrial Real estate agencies. Likewise we refer our listings to these same firms on a regular basis. The current real estate market is more complex, more demanding and definitely more competitive than ever before. Fellow brokerage firms and real estate brokers are important allies in our marketing plan.

Good Links with industrial commissioners

We work with and maintain good links with the industrial commissioners of several municipalities and boroughs.


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